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Education is the key

I always knew something was wrong in society. I witnessed suffering and poverty around me, and I also wanted more from life than the shallow goals offered to me. I believed education was the answer, an educated population nurtured with philosophical thought would be the foundation for a just and prosperous society. I began my path starting to work in pubic schools and education reform and would expand into multimedia production.


County School Board Candidate, Alachua County FL

Witnessing corruption and a lack of effort for reform in my community, I decided to run for public office.


Americorps at Hollenbeck Middle School in LA


Life Leadership Academy, Program Manager


AISS Foundation, Program Manager

I moved to Los Angeles to work in one of the toughest school districts in the country. 
I worked in classrooms as a co-teacher and later managed after school enrichment programs
I expanded my role of educating through media and documentary filmmaking. I understood it's power to enlighten and influence the public to act.


Independent Film, Producer





The Peace Report, Producer




Afghanistan TV, Producer/Host/Technical Director


If Americans Knew, Producer

'Progressives' Vote AGAINST BDS.mp4_2020
I still believe education is the answer, however I no longer believe things like public education can be reformed. I have come to understand the systemic problem that exists. We don't have a million problems, we have one problem with a million symptoms. Human history has been plagued by  elite ruling classes dominating over society and using their power for their own benefit at the expense of the population. My work now is focused on educating the public of this reality and the need to change the capitalist system and take the power back. 

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